Delivery Terms & Conditions

Use RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services to help visualize your home, property or interior design project. We create professional floor plans from your blueprint or sketch. With RoomSketcher you are assured consistent and timely high-quality output.

  • Your floor plan project is available next Business Day
  • Once complete, simply open your project and download your finished floor plans
  • Customize and personalize your project yourself and re-generate the floor plans at no extra cost

Step 1: Send us your blueprint

  • Upload one blueprint or sketch for every floor / level / unit in your project
  • Use an existing floor plan of the property, or a hand-drawn sketch
  • Don’t have a digital file or a scanner? Simply snap a picture of your floor plan to upload instead
  • Make sure it contains at least one measurement
  • Mark your room names clearly in English
  • Clearly mark furniture and fixed installations – for best results consult our Blueprint and Symbol Guide
  • Supported file formats are jpg, png and pdf. The uploaded blueprint must not exceed 5MB



2D Floor Plan


3D Floor Plan


Step 2: Choose your Furnishing

You have 3 different options when it comes to furnishing on your floor plan order:

  • Fully Furnished – the floor plan is furnished based on room names provided, eg beds in bedrooms, sofa in living room, bathroom fixtures in bathroom, etc.
  • Furnished As Indicated – the floor plan includes furniture and fixed installations drawn on the blueprint. Kitchen and bathroom items are only included if these are indicated on the blueprint
  • Unfurnished – Includes doors, windows, and stairs, as well as kitchen and bathroom items when these are indicated on the blueprint. No other furniture is included

Tip: You can change out, delete or add furniture to your floor plan yourself, once your order has been delivered

Fully Furnished


Furnished As Indicated




Step 3: Place your Order

  • Place your order and pay using a Credit Card or through your RoomSketcher Pro Subscription
  • Pro Subscribers have more flexible order options and get discounted prices

Step 4: Delivery

  • You will receive an email once your order is ready with a link to your project in RoomSketcher. Open to view, print or download your floor plans or open your project in Home Designer to customize it
  • You can access your project anytime online by going to to Sign In
  • Your project is delivered with Live 3D available for a full year. Pro and VIP subscribers have Live 3D available for all projects as part of their subscription
  • The high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans are delivered with RoomSketcher standard look and feel as shown on this page
  • RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can customize the look of both the 2D and 3D Floor Plans by creating a Floor Plan Profile. You can do this before or after placing your order

Step 5: Print and Share your Floor Plan (Output)

  • All RoomSketcher Floor Plans can be downloaded as a pdf, png, or jpg and are optimized for both web and print
  • RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can customize their Letterhead in their Account Settings before printing or downloading pdfs. Add your company name, logo, project details and any disclaimer text
  • Print formats include A4 and Letter size formats
  • With RoomSketcher Share Live 3D Floor Plans, you’ll get unique and shareable links to both RoomSketcher Home Designer and RoomSketcher Live 3D for each project. These are perfect for sharing and collaborating with clients, friends, family, homebuyers and contractors. Your links are good for 1 full year from your order date and are easy to renew

Step 6: Make Changes

  • Customize and personalize your project as you want to match your home, project or property
  • You can re-generate your high-quality 3D Floor Plans as often as you need for up to 30 days from when you placed your order – at no additional cost. 2D Floor Plans can be re-generated for a full year
  • To generate additional 2D and 3D Floor Plans after the correction period has ended, simply use a credit card or create a RoomSketcher Pro subscription for better rates and access to more features. RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can re-generate floor plans easily using Credits
  • To learn how to make changes to your floor plan, check out our Help site article on Instant Correction
  • If we have made a mistake in your floor plan, you can order a correction from us and we will fix it for you. One round of corrections within 2 weeks is included at no additional cost. To learn how to order a correction, check out our Help site article on Ordering Corrections

Delivery Details

  • Floor Plans are delivered next Business Day, within 24 hours of placing your order. Exceptions to these delivery times are: January 1, May 1 and December 25. Large or complicated orders may take a bit longer.
  • Floor plans are drawn as close to the given measurements as possible, with a +/- 5 cm (2”) margin of error
  • Standard wall-cut height for 3D Floor Plans is 1900mm (6 ft). RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can change this in their profile settings
  • Standard flooring, wall colors, and finishes can be changed after the order has been delivered. RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can set a standard for all output in their profile settings
  • Windows are standard rectangle and set to standard height above floor. You can change and customize windows after the order has been delivered
  • Floor plans will be drawn using the direction of the uploaded floor plan or sketch. Horizontal blueprints will become horizontal floor plans
  • Ceilings are standard height above floor 2400 mm (7″-9″). You can change the ceiling height after the order has been delivered
  • Sloped ceilings are not included in the floor plans drawn by RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services
  • Furnishing follows the RoomSketcher default style. You can easily change out any item after the order has been delivered
  • Modifications to floor plans are charged as a new order
  • Standard prices are for levels up to 500 m2. Additional fee for levels above 500 m2 apply. Maximum level size is 1000 m2.
  • RoomSketcher delivers high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans along with a Live 3D RoomSketcher Project – we do not deliver multi-storey 3D home models or elevations

Outside Measurements

  • RoomSketcher can deliver one set of Outside Wall Measurements on 2D Floor Plans
  • Check off for “Outside Measurement” when you place your order, if you want this option
  • If your blueprint contains outside measurements, we will attempt to get the generated Outside Wall Measurements similar to this
  • Otherwise measurements will represent outer walls and balcony

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